Colour, truth, adventure: My Society6 art picks this week

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Floral Bed

Who? Eugenia Loli

Why? JUST LOOK AT IT. Apart from being wonderfully coloured and beautifully painted, the composition, movement and colours mean it also manages to be vintage and playful and sun-kissed and sexy and secretive and romantic all at once. Whatever summer garden they’re frolicking in, I want some. *Contented sigh*

Where? See it on Society6 here

I Love You In The Morning


Who? Matthew Taylor Wilson

Why? I am a sucker for a good slogan print, and this is no exception. Super simple in black and white and cursive font, it proves that art doesn’t have to be ridiculously complex to be eye-catching, beautiful and meaningful. The sentiment is gorgeous and the ‘afternoon’ to ‘moon’ references make me think of watching a sunset as the sky turns from blue day to starry night. Love is a verb and telling your favourite people that you love them is a must.

 Check it out here  



Who? Caleb Troy

Why? The colours, the colours! Like the most magical cloudy sky you can imagine, or paint swirling in water on a palette, this is a brilliant and heart-warming array of blending and stark shades. It has a look of the graphic novel about it too; almost cartoon-like in its crispness and vivid colour. A work to lose yourself in – how wonderful would it look hung up on a big white wall?

Find those colours here

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do


Who? Crafty Lemon

Why? It’s pink and speaks the truth, what more could you want? Right now I’m personally getting way more interested in entrepreneurs and people who managed to carve themselves a life away from the norm – people who had a tiny dream and somehow managed to work at it, bit by bit, until it became a really big dream and then became a reality. This piece, with its bold colour and inconvenient truth, ticks all my business boxes.

Where? Find the pink here

I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry


Who? Sara Eshak

Why? Another slogan print, this work combines humour with beautiful colours and delicate paintwork to create something that it at once pretty to look at and oh-so-true in life. Right now, my relationship is meandering its sweet way from ‘recent’ to ‘bit more long-term’ as the months go on, and I’m always thinking about how to continue to respect my boyfriend, apologise when I should, give each other space, snuggle when necessary, and and learn how to live well alongside each other.

This slogan – remembering that everyone gets irritated, you should always apologise if you think you hurt someone, and that a hungry boyfriend does not a happy couple make ‒ is both true and makes me smile.

Where? Get it here!

Let’s Run Away


Who? Leah Flores

Why? Ever since I discovered her on Rad., I’ve loved Leah Flores (and the fact that she replied to my post over here, makes her a total babe). Her art seems to be a mixture of photography and painting and graphic design, and the slogans speak of adventure, escape, and boundless love of life (with a touch of petulant, wild Millennial in there too). Needless to say, all these things strike a serious chord with me.

Where? Find it here!

Intimacy on Display


Who? Agnes-cecile

I’m just drawn to this. Be it the romantic, slightly desperate and/or tender body language, or the contrast between the black and the colours, it’s just dramatic and lovely and bold.

The hand on the other person’s cheek is so touching, and the way the colours flare from each face in a mass of directions just looks to me like the visual portrayal of the feeling of a first kiss. Or the last kiss for a while, or just one of those sorts of kisses where everything kind of dissolves and sets itself on fire and nothing else is.

Where? Take a look here!

Little & Fierce


Who? Cat Coquillette

A bonus piece this, as I love it, loved it since I first saw it, and have already bought a cushion cover with it on for that exact reason. Cat Coquillette is one of my favourite artists on Society6 bar none, mainly because her work looks so simple, beautifully done, and clearly hand-created, but it’s actually super intricate, gorgeously-coloured, pithy and true, and uses brilliant metallic events to make the writing shine as if layered on in gold leaf.

It’s magic and heartfelt work. Oh, and also? I’m five foot tall so anything about being little and fierce is all good with me 🙂

 Grab this awesome thing here

Dream Theory


Who? Archan Nair

Why? There seems to be a bit of a theme in my picks this week, in that I’m loving faces or figures dissolving into dreamlike colour. Fittingly, this is called Dream Theory, and to me it looks like a daydream – the kind of daytime thoughts that transport you from your usual routine to somewhere altogether more magical.

With the birds and flower-esque shapes, it speaks to me of adventure and meditation, and the inner peace that those two things can bring.

Where? Chase your dream here 🙂

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