5 reasons to listen to Greg Holden

I’m not sure if everyone has already heard of Greg Holden and I’m just super-late to the party, or if he is indeed as underrated as he appeared to me when he popped up on my Spotify playlist, but it matters not, because he is ABSOLUTELY excellent.

His Hold On Tight song – a Mumford-and-Sons-esque, folk-inspired triumph about not taking your life for granted, above – has come through my headphones every morning this week, instantly sending what feels like molten happiness through my commute-weary veins. On Monday, after an emotional weekend and a really early start, it was like auditory nectar. I love it. 

It’s ironic, also, that one of my favourite songs of his is called Go Chase The Sun, during what must be THE wettest and most dismal June in the UK on record. SIGH.

And in case that wasn’t enough, here’s five more reasons why you should definitely check Greg Holden out.

  1. Swinging from heartfelt ballads to energising jigs, he is as diverse as he is wonderful, able to convey deep emotion in a thousand different ways
  2. His voice is both emotional and strong, with a tone that makes me want to dance with joy to lose myself in it
  3. He sings about relatable experiences, such as the pull to travel vs. be happy where you are (Go Chase The Sun), the desire to really appreciate your life (Hold On Tight), and – brilliantly – the struggle of getting your parents to accept you for who you are (Boys In The Street)
  4. He’s British – born in Scotland and raised in Lancashire – and although he now lives in New York, his northern accent shines through his songs like an unashamed stamp of self-confidence and personality

  5. He plays guitar, beautifully. Enough said.

Videos: Greg Holden on YouTube

Photo: Facebook/Greg Holden/Lee Hayden (Courtesy of WFUV)


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