I’m loving: 40 things that make corgis happy


Source of happiness: 40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Blame it on the Queen, blame it on my recent and reluctant less-than-republican tendencies, blame it on science; gender, hormones or just plain pure silliness – but I absolutely freaking LOVE corgis. Unbelievably cute, indescribably fluffy, silky, and quite simply the happiest, most hilarious dogs ALIVE. At some point in the distant future, when /if I ever manage to work freelance/from home and therefore don’t need to sit at a desk a good hour’s-plus commute away from my house – meaning that I am at home for a good portion of the day and therefore able to own a dog without subjecting it to neglect or abandonment issues – I aim to own one of these beautiful, proud, gorgeous – and let’s face it – just a teeny bit silly, animals.

In the meantime, sadly, posts such as this one (link also below) will just have to do – and, in all fairness, they do very well ‒ managing to boost the cuteness factor times a billion without me actually having the responsibility of keeping another living thing alive (I’ve killed goldfish through over-feeding, and even basil plants tremble on my approach; so really, at this point, I’m thinking blogposts are probably the safer option. Sigh.)

Link: 40 Things That Make Corgis Happy (Buzzfeed)