Life on a T-shirt

The internet is full of crap,  but sometimes a random browse will bring you to something awesome. I can’t even remember how I found this, but somehow this week I ended up on this site named Rad., which produces some super-cute T-shirt designs.

Drink coffee
I don’t even wear T-shirts (except for exercising, and even then I’m more likely to wear a vest or racer-back top), but these slogans and artworks are pretty sweet. And we all know how much I enjoy a good quote. Here are 10 of my favourites…predictably they all centre on thinking positive about your life, going on an adventure, being a bit creative, and swearing. (NEARLY) ALL MY MOST LOVED THINGS!!

Also, a special shout out to the pretty fab designer Leah Flores, who coincidentally seems to have created a significant chunk of the ones I love (I promise I’m not being paid for this shit. Ha). I’m kind of sad that I don’t actually wear T-shirts enough to make any of these worth a purchase, but maybe if they started making them in thin, long-sleeve, boat-necked T-shirts or racer-back shirts for running, I would actually invest in a few. Not that I’m picky or anything.

EXCITEMENT UPDATE: They actually DO do hoodies and SOME racer-back style shirts, and also some canvas bags! OK, I may have to buy some after all! How will I ever contain myself?!

1. Life is not a problem, by Leah Flores 2. Wild at Heart, by Frankie Phoenix 3. Keep climbing, by Leah Flores 4. I just want to drink coffee, by Words Brand 5. Adventure that way, by Leah Flores 6. Abso-fuc-king-lutely, by Leah Flores 7. Take an adventure with me, by Reuben Watson 8. Blessed are the curious, by Leah Flores 9. Everything is OK, by WRDBNR 10. Je m’en fous, by Acid Clothing 11. Snuggle Buddy, by Leah Flores 12. Probably won’t make any money, by Fly Art 13. Oscar Wilde, by Leah Flores 14. Find something you love, by Yawn