I got nominated for a Liebster blog Award! :)

So I got nominated for a Liebster Award! I didn’t even know that was a thing! But it is, and now I know what it is, I’m very grateful! *claps*

As I have learned, via the wonder that is Google, the Liebster Award is a way for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers to celebrate other small bloggers, and “pay it forward” in acknowledging blogs they know (and, dare I say it, like to read).

(If you’re reading this because I nominated you, and you have more than 200 followers, then I’m sorry, please only take it as a compliment! I know that a couple of the people I nominated have WAY more followers than that, but it was just because I was desperate to include you because of how inspiring I find you! So please just carry on with your awesome self.)

You then have to answer, and ask, a bunch of questions from the blogger who nominated you, and then nominate other bloggers, with the aim of sharing a bit of yourself in the blogging community and (hopefully, very hopefully) creating more stuff that other people want to read, and more awareness of the award. Maybe some people would see it as a pain in the butt, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Thanks to the lovely theodd1in who nominated me – it’s so great to know that at least some people like your blog enough to remember it, even if extremely briefly.

I don’t write with a specific audience in mind, and am largely aware I’m basically shouting into a void, but it’s nice to know that there are some people out there sometimes!

Anyway. ONWARDS!

1. Answer 11 questions the blogger gives you

What is your quirkiest feature?

Really not sure – People often seem quite interested in the fact that I’ve lived in France and Spain? My speaking accent also changes between posh PR to slightly London to slightly West Country depending on my mood. Is that quirky or just annoying?! Erm…?! I guess my rings are quite unusual? Each one is from somewhere meaningful to me.

Do you think you’ll ever stop blogging?

Maybe something will one day replace it, technology-wise? All I know is that right now, I really do love having that place online that’s mine, where I can just post stuff without bending to what someone else wants me to do or say or write.

Definitely had this poster on my wall for a fair few years…

Who is your celebrity crush?

Growing up my posters were always of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp (haha) but right now it’s just as likely to be anyone, male or female – not because I fancy them, but because I love the films they’re in, or the stuff they write, or the things they say, and I just think they’re driven and gorgeous and doing great things

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Probably when I was performing in quite a big pantomime and realised mid-nakedness that I had come off to get changed into a totally different costume about 2 scenes too early ‒ nightmare.

I also hate it when I accidentally say something really stupid or unintentionally-insulting, and people pick me up on it. Otherwise I’m quite lucky in that I rarely get embarrassed! No regrets, I say! Haha

If you could have one perfect day, to do whatever you liked, what would you do?

Bloody HELL these questions are difficult. Probably something involving sunshine, fruit and vodka cocktails, no work, a massage, a plane ride, a hug from my dad, time with my boyfriend, a short walk to wake me up a bit, and a great meal.

I kind of feel that if I could do literally anything I liked, I’d also eliminate all cancers, poverty-induced suffering and ignorance, gender inequality, avoidable deaths and senseless tragedies, but that might be pushing the boundaries a tad.

Would you go into space, given the opportunity?

If I knew it was going to be totally safe and I could do it in like a day, then HELLS YEAH

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Honestly, no – but there are otherwise-sane people who swear on their life that something of the sort happened, and I guess it’s not for me to say whether someone is lying or crazy, or whatever

SabrinaWhat was your favourite childhood TV programme?

The Magic Roundabout was pretty awesome, as was Wizadora. Also loved Boy Meets World (cheesy!), Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Friends, Blind Date, and Sweet Valley High (the Australian one?)…

What is your favourite memory?

I had a lot of fun the summer’s day when my daddy let me colour all over his face with my new water-soluble coloured pencils (I was about 6).

I also love remembering the long, hot summer’s days when I lived in France when we would sunbathe and swim all day, and eat dinner outside, or the Italian villa-and-pool holiday we had one year. All my good memories have something to do with sunshine!

If you had to eat one thing, every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Cannot answer this question, it’s impossible. However, choices that spring to mind include taramasalata dip on whole grain crackers, griddled smoked mackerel, Doritos and salsa, spaghetti carbonara, chargrilled steak, assorted Lindt balls, chocolate fondant cake, wood-fired pizza, and chocolate orange. Yeah. I always knew I wasn’t really a proper foodie.

Do you believe in fate?

No, although I do believe that things generally make sense eventually, even if they don’t at the time. I also think that there are more connections between things than we realise, so it feels like fate even though it’s actually fairly expected. I also think that dumb luck plays a role in life, and I try and live with no regrets whatever happened.

2. Give 11 random facts about yourself

1.       I often get an urge to dye my hair red, dark purple or black but am too scared of ruining my current hair forever and it looking crap!

Red pepper. Ick. [Creative Commons pic by John Pinder]

Red pepper. Ick. [Creative Commons pic by John Pinder]

2.       Despite ostensibly being “a foodie”, I hate red peppers, onions and strong cheese (I also pretty much always have the same thing in my favourite restaurants, despite promising myself that I won’t)

3.       After I finished my undergrad degree (unemployed) and split up with my then-boyfriend, I got so depressed that I often cried or stayed in bed all day just because I was tired of being inside my own head ‒ and every positive thought or effort I make to try to be happy right now is a direct attempt  to stop myself going back to that mental place, ever

4.       I fantasise about suddenly moving to South America or South East Asia or Australia, and either attempting to freelance or just teaching English as a foreign language (I have a TEFL)

5.       I’ve never got properly drunk or tried any kind of cigarette/hard drugs, and I’m not entirely sure why that is. Just kinda…wasn’t ever that bothered either way


HOW COULD YOU NOT?! [Creative Commons pic by PandaMeixiang]

6.       I really want a dog and/or cat but am fairly ambivalent about the idea of ever having children

7.       I’m a crap-but-wannabe health freak. I do things like drink matcha tea because of the antioxidants and take kelp supplements and fish oil and nuts for the health benefits, but regularly dismiss the idea of doing a 3-to-7-day juice cleanse, and have no intention of ever going vegan/veggie/sugar-free

8.       I wear the same black cowboy boots 99% of the time and only think that’s weird when I compare it to other people’s more varied shoe habits

9.       I still sleep with soft toys on my bed (and proud!), including a teddy I’ve had since I was a baby (and have only accumulated more the older I get)

10.   I always wanted to be properly bohemian ‒ like those people who look as if they were born wearing long skirts and writing songs and wearing woven handbags and loads of ratty jewellery ‒ but know that deep down that it isn’t really me (My silver rings, nose piercing and patchwork skirts from Camden market are about as far as it goes. I mean, I shower daily at festivals, even if I have to queue)

Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred…the DVD that started it all…

11.   Since mid-January I’ve  exercised every single day with one rest day a week and have now started the Couch to 10K running programme, thanks to some brilliant people on Twitter, who encouraged me to just “give the 30 Day Shred a go”.



Nominate 11 blogs you think are worthy of the award (but they must have less than 200 followers).

This has been the most difficult bit of this whole blog award thing. Not because I don’t love bloggers – I BLOODY ADORE THEM – but because you can’t always tell how many followers blogs have, and also some of my favourites have LOADS of followers, like HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS, because they’re awesome. And I don’t know that many others 😦

(Is anyone else now also thinking about cake because of the hundreds and thousands? No?)

Anyway, I’ve tried to list as many as I can that I *think* have fewer than 200 followers, but there are definitely some here that I am 99% certain have WAY more. (I’m sorry to break the Liebster rules, guys.)

If you know of any unmissable under-200 blogs I should definitely be following, then let me know!

1.    Amazingly erudite and regularly-updated blog from a wonderful London lady http://itwasagainstherbetterjudgment.blogspot.co.uk/

2.    The weight-loss blog from another equally awesome London lady, who is shrinking and most probably running her arse off we speak http://www.weightlosswonderkid.com/

3.     Just hilarious http://exoticmaypole.com/

4.     Staggeringly intelligent ramblings from Down Under http://semanticmarmot.wordpress.com/

5.     The oft-discussed cartoon brilliance from Allie Brosh http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk/

6.     A Canadian in London sorts out all the need-to-know food and health stuff http://foodgirluk.com/

7.     A series of uplifting, helpful and reassuringly positive Post-Its http://thingsweforget.blogspot.co.uk/

8.   Inspiring and sensible blog on healthy eating and exercising  http://www.fatgirlphd.com/

9.  Great blog from a couple of history girls, excellent stuff http://www.historicalhoney.com/

10. Fashion, culture and a bit of feminism thrown in http://ployradford.wordpress.com/

11.  The cartoons that say what we’re all crying into our wine http://fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com/

Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

Well, I’ll let them know. But some of them are probably far too busy being awesome and followed by thousands of people to care what I think about them 😛

Give them 11 questions to answer.

1.       What’s the most out of character thing you’ve ever done?

2.       Explain your blog’s name (if it’s not obvious already)

3.       Dog or cat person?

4.       What’s the one thing you need to do before you die?

5.       A job you love but having to worry about and count every single penny forever, or a job you dislike but enough money to live comfortably without thinking about it?

6.       Your biggest disappointment?

7.       Something you’re really looking forward to?

8.       What three things would you rescue from your house in a fire (pets and people aside)?

9.       Pick one: sweet food or savoury, and why, and what?

10.   What’s the one thing that everyone else seems to love but you’re not bothered about?

11.   What would you do tomorrow if I told you that you could go to, see, have, do or create whatever you wanted?


What do you think? Let me know

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