Caitlin Moran: Enough said

I don’t always agree with everything she says, but she’s bang on with this one. Yet another reason why How To Be A Woman is on my ‘to read’ list…

Caitlin Moran quotation

Caitlin Moran: reclaiming feminism

5 thoughts on “Caitlin Moran: Enough said

  1. Darren says:

    Maybe its the way that feminist organisations have constantly put out warped propaganda to stir up hatred against men. Maybe its the fact that leading feminists and organisations led a very successful fight to kill off the family. Maybe its the fact that feminist groups aggressively oppose any move to help men and boys in terms of help for domestic violence sufferers, the rights of fathers, and support for men’s health funding. Continual one-sided advocacy + power corrupts.

    • R says:

      Um, who the f*** are you talking about? The “feminists” you’re describing sound like a bunch of assholes, as opposed to NORMAL PEOPLE who see women and men as, you know, equals. And what do you mean, “very successful fight to kill off the family”? Whose family? I’m a feminist, and my family is alive and kicking, thanks. And why would any group, so-called feminist or otherwise, oppose men’s health funding or support for male victims of abuse? It’s as if you threw a bunch of gendered words into a hat, ate the hat, then vomited onto the Internet. If you’re not misguided or delusional, then you must be trying to make trouble online, which is, really, a bit pathetic; go and shoplift something or tweet a picture of your junk if you need a thrill. If not, reread your post, then slap yourself repeatedly while saying, “Don’t be a gullible ass hat.”

  2. Not All Who Wonder Are Lost says:

    With the greatest respect, if you think that’s what ‘feminism’ is, then you have a) spectacularly missed the point and b) are using completely non-feminist examples to illustrate your rather misjudged and, ironically, one-sided comment.

    Feminism isn’t about hating men or boys, it’s about preventing prejudice and discrimination based solely on gender, and addressing the patriarchal nature of Western society – which, I should point out, can also harm men and boys, as well as women.

    • Frans says:

      Came across your blog, like it a lot and would also like to compliment you on this post and your wise and sensible comment above, which I totally agree on. ALL people suffer from lack of equality in a society. Divorces are often caused by that, for instance.

      • Hannah Thompson says:

        Hi, thanks so much! Really glad you like it – means a lot when people read and comment positively 🙂

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